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CroonerEd Shows
"Hardly anybody knows this, but I'm really quite famous."

1. Experience a night of romance and charm as velvety toned, Eddie Thompson (CroonerEd), serenades you on a musical journey of joy and nostalgia. With unforgettable melodies, heartwarming lyrics, great storytelling and an engaging sense of humor, you will be left

smiling and longing for more. 


 2. As you tap your toes and sway to the music, you'll enjoy video clips from favorite movies playing on a big screen behind him. As iconic scenes unfold in harmony with the music, you'll love the truly unique way your favorite songs come to life. The combination of live vocals and nostalgic videos create a mesmerizing atmosphere that enchants the audience.  


3. Each show is built around the chart-topping hits by legendary artists like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Nat King Cole, Perry Como and today’s Michael Bublé. You'll love the fun stories of the iconic singers and will be delighted by the passion, style, and vocal ability of

your new favorite: CroonerEd.


4. Ed has been entertaining audiences for over 20 years. He’s recorded several albums, performed with Grammy Award winner Bob Carlisle (of “Butterfly Kisses” fame), and enjoys millions of views at, Instagram (@InstaCroonerEd) and other

music and social media sites.


 5. Whether you're hosting a banquet, concert series, celebration, corporate or private event, CroonerEd is the ideal choice to help set the mood, dazzle your guests, and create an atmosphere of elegance and style. Click on the "Book CroonerEd" button and secure your date with one of today's top crooners and entertainers.