Set the stage for a one-of-a-kind, personalized song
CroonerEd will perform live at
your special event.

Step 1

You've hired CroonerEd - a top level entertainer - to perform for your special event. Now, take it a big step further and help create a show stopping individually created song for you or that someone special sitting in the audience. An amazing, one-of-a-kind personalized song CroonerEd performs live at your event. It’s a gift that will never be forgotten. It is ideal for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, engagements, Valentines Day, Christmas, retirement, promotions, or just about any special event.

Step 2

Once you've hired CroonerEd, click on the "Get My Song Questionnaire" button to instantly receive a “questionnaire” in order to describe the special person CroonerEd will be singing about. Email the completed questionnaire back to and he’ll select one of the great standards that fits your description(s) and start working on your song he will perform live at your event.

Here is a sample of some of the questions:

How do family, friends, and you describer her/him?

What are her/his favorite hobbies and activities?

Interesting fact everyone knows...or no one knows?


The questionnaire will be sent to you via your email address.

Step 3

CroonerEd will adapt your new, personalized lyrics from one of the "Great American Songbook" songs and perform it live at your special event. If desired, you can also have CroonerEd professionally record the song which you can purchase for a one-time fee of $75. 

A couple samples:

The Glue of our ClanArtist Name
00:00 / 02:48
Let There Be Love - Lori & Ricky demo.mpArtist Name
00:00 / 02:45