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A Crooner Ed Christmas
With Jon-Michael Ogletree

Find Inspiration in Every Song

Crooner Ed Christmas Album

Behind The Album

In the spirit of the holiday season, this album is more than just a collection of songs; it's a

journey through the warmth and joy of Christmas. Ed Thompson, with his mesmerizing voice that has charmed audiences globally, teams up with Jon-Michael Ogletree, whose mastery on the piano is nothing short of legendary. Together, they create a symphony of festive melodies that are bound to become the soundtrack of countless holiday memories.

The album features a blend of classic Christmas favorites and original compositions, each track showcasing the unique chemistry between Thompson's soulful vocals and Ogletree's exquisite piano arrangements. This collaboration is a rare treat, uniting two phenomenal artists in a celebration of the season's spirit.


Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let it Snow
White Christmas


Music Production: Eli Keepnice
Band leader and touring side man with over 40 years stage and studio experience. Eli’s main instruments are tenor and soprano saxophones, acoustic guitar, piano, hammond organ, accordion and keys.


The Christmas Waltz
Count Your Blessings
Jesus is My Friend
Silent Night


Arrangements: Jon Michael Ogletree
Vocal Arrangements: Ed Thompson
Grand Piano: Jon Michael Ogletree
Additional Vocal for “Jesus Is My Friend”: Louisa Gamon
Music Production: Roger Gamon
Roger Gamon is a multi-instrumentalist producer/arranger including classical guitar, piano, and a multitude of music production software and programming tools. His daughter, Louisa, adds a very special vocal touch.


O Little Town of Bethlehem


Arrangement: Jon Michael Ogletree
Vocal Arrangement: Ed Thompson
Grand Piano: Jon Michael Ogletree
Flugelhorn: Tony Guerrero
With over 300 album credits including Dick Van Dyke and Paul McCartney, Tony is an exceptional trumpet and flugelhorn player. His specialization is in the “prettier, moodier side of the horn.”

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